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Dear Members,

Notice is hereby given, that the Zambia Institute of Architects Annual General Meeting, will be held on 27th November 2015 at Hotel Intercontinental in Lusaka from 08:00am to 13:00pm.

Please also note that we will have a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Event over a two day period, on 25th and 26th November 2015 at the same Venue, in the Ball Room.
The CPD Event has attracted a number of stakeholders, many of whom are from outside Zambia, and will be exhibiting their various products and services.

It is our humble and earnest appeal that all of you our members will attend this important event for the growth of our profession and also as a way of showing gratitude to the stakeholders who have committed funds to ensure the successful hosting of these events.

In this regard, find attached official correspondence from the Honorary Secretary, which you may also look out for in the Daily Mail and Times of Zambia Newspapers tomorrow, Friday 20th November 2015.

Attached also is the Nomination Form for the scheduled election on the agenda.

Kind regards,




54th Session of the African Union of Architects Council Meeting

The Zambia Institute of Architects (ZIA) is proud to be hosting the 54th Session of the African Union of Architects (AUA) Council Meeting in Lusaka, Zambia from the 1st of June to 3rd of June, 2016 at the TAJ PAMODZI HOTEL. The council meeting will be preceded with the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) session on the 1st June. ZIA Members are invited to attend.

The official programme for the event will be circulated in due time.


ZIA to Relaunch the Construction Industry Directory

The Zambia Institute of Architects (ZIA) will in June relaunch the Construction Industry Directory in partnership with Tanistock Ltd. The last publication was in 2007. The directory will have listings of various players and contributors to the development of the construction industry in particular and the economy as a whole.

As a group, construction industry professionals, i.e. Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Developers and Contractors exhibit considerable influence over large scale purchases. To do so, they proactively seek facts and information, analysing significant trends and industry developments from the buyer/user and supplier end of the market. This is in the interest of making informed purchasing decisions.

Gathering information in a timely manner is critical to keeping projects on schedule as they navigate through all phases of the construction process. And the directory will provide a one stop source of information about the different players in the industry

The Directory therefore aims to be the comprehensive desktop reference to the construction industry. It will provide information on businesses serving the construction industry including their key products, services, locations, contacts and more. In print and online, it will help decision-makers cut through the clutter of a general directory or search engine in locating companies and products that serve their unique construction needs. With copies to be distributed to key decision-makers in the construction industry, the directory will offer advertisers an opportunity to market their products and services to a relevant audience through out the full year.


How two architects are using Kickstarter to build hope for communities in need

Over the last few years, New York City architect Danny Collins and his colleague, Javier Roig, have spent their vacations building homes in under-developed regions around the world, volunteering in Cambodia, Zambia, and Nepal. Often, they personally financed the projects, which were typically building single-family homes in needy communities.

That’s how they got the idea to launch Project Latitude, a non-profit that creates products inspired and made by people in struggling areas. All proceeds from the sale of the products go back to the communities, where the money is used to meet the area’s construction needs.

“It’s our response to how volunteer trips are funded,” Collins tells Yahoo Finance.

While traveling in Ecuador, Collins and Roig were so taken with the area’s culture and natural beauty, that they made helping the South American country their inaugural project. 

Inspired by the rich colors and textiles of the Andean Highlands, they designed a backpack that they say reflects the lifestyle of the community. The backpacks are handmade locally, and all of the detailing is made from 100% recycled car tires.

To fund the project, they set up a Kickstarter campaign. On April 17, 2016, one day before it was supposed  to go live, a deadly earthquake hit Ecuador. Project Latitude quickly adapted its campaign to help with the relief effort.

“Our passion is in Ecuador right now,” says Collins. “And we decided that we are going to transition some of the funds from the Kickstarter campaign to help the victims both in a short-term response, as in water, food and shelter, and hopefully a longer-term response.”

Rather than building single-family homes, Project Latitude plans to focus on public works and recreational spaces along the coast of Ecuador. “We want to travel there and see what it is they need,” Collins says.

The Kickstarter campaign raised $12,500 within its 36-hour goal. “We’re not looking to stop there,” Collins says. “We’re looking to make a bigger impact on the community. We have high aspirations for the rest of the Kickstarter campaign.”

They hope to add more items to the Ecuador product line and eventually branch out to include volunteer projects throughout Latin America.



Dear Members,

This serves to inform you that there will be a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Event, over a two day period from 18th – 19th February 2016 at the New Government Complex.
Time 08:00am to 16:30pm on both days.

Some of the anticipated topics during the event will include, but not limited to the following:

1. Code of Ethics for ZIA Members
2. Review of the Draft Architects and Allied Professions Bill

3. ZIA Competition Rules

4. ZIA Structure of Fees
5. ZIA Strategic Plan

The final programme with the actual topics and activities will be released in due course by the Honorary Secretary.

Please be reminded that as per the Resolution of the last AGM; Minute No. 61.07.01, you will be required to register and confirm your attendance with the Secretariat before the event.

Find attached the ZIA Competition Rules and the Draft Architects Bill for your review before the CPD Event.

Kind regards,

For/Honorary Secretary.



Dear Members,

As you maybe aware, the Zambia Institute of Architects will be hosting a Stakeholders Meeting this week Thursday 29th and Friday 30th, October 2015 at the Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka.

In this regard, find attached correspondence from the Honorary Secretary on the upcoming event including the Agenda for the two day Meetings.

Kind regards,




Dennis Nyekele MZIA
Practice Matters

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and the person who practices Architecture is called an Architect. Architects ensure that the buildings they design are functional, safe, and meet the needs of the people who will use them.


Architects also assist their Clients in selecting suitable contractors for their building and during construction they inspect the works to ensure that the builders strictly follow the design and specified materials as well as meeting the acceptable work quality standards. In Zambia the practice of Architecture is regulated by the Zambia Institute of Architects under Cap 442 of the Laws of Zambia.


The history of Architecture goes back thousands of years ago, when man created primitive shelters for protection from the environment. However with the environmental concerns becoming more and more important to many, most Architects now ensure that their buildings have as much reduced impact on the environment as possible, both at design and during the construction stages and when is use after completion.


An Architect is engaged by a Client to design buildings who give the Architect an idea of what he wants. He then starts the designing process where some Architects use old fashioned pencils and tracing papers during this process, while most them now use some type of computer aided design (CAD) software.


In Zambia the Copperbelt University (CBU) offers a five year Bachelors of Art Degree in Architecture. The O level subjects generally required to pursue the Architectural programme are English, Maths, Geography and some Sciences. Background in Technical Drawing may provide an advantage but is not necessarily a requirement.


The degree programme includes courses in Architectural History and Theory, Building and Environmental Design, Structures, Building Technology and Construction Methods, Professional Practice, Analytical Maths and Surveying. Cardinal to the Architectural programme is the Design Studio, where students apply principles and theories learnt in the other courses to present design concepts, drawings and three-dimensional models of their projects.


After completion a Graduate Architect undergoes internship training for at least two years under the supervision of a Registered Architect. This is necessary for one to be considered for registration by ZIA. The Graduate Architect is thereafter expected to sit for the Professional Competence Examination after which they are admitted to the Institute.


Employment opportunities for Architects are available at Private Practicing Firms, Buildings Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, National Housing Authority, National Heritage and many Other Parastatal Organisations like ZNBS. One can also set up their own Firm or join existing practising architects to set up Partnerships.


ZIA Honorary Treasurer (2014 -16)