The Zambia Institue of Architects honoured 9 of its senior female architects on this years Womens day tribute. Drawing attention to their amazing contibution spanning over decades in the industry.

With currently only 38 female registered architects out of the 164 registered in the country the profession remains one of the most marginalized for Women to participate in.

With the formation of Women in Architecture Forum (WIAF), it is hoped that the challenges facing women in Architecture will be brought to the fore and more women will join the Industry and flourish in the future.

Below is a statement from the Chairperson of the WIAF honouring the nine architects, released on this years Womens day which fell on Monday, 8th March 2021.

Dear Members,
Women in Architecture Forum of the Zambia Institute of Architects joins the International Community in commemorating the International Women’s day on 8th March, 2021 themed: “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World.”
 The theme draws attention to women and girls around the world that contribute in reshaping the world amidst the pandemic.
The efforts of the women in Architecture are recognized as many women continue to work in their various lines of duty showing leadership and setting examples in the profession. 
Indeed having these women as pioneers is an encouragement to many upcoming architects as well as the girl child that the issues of gender disparities can be resolved.
With 38 registered female architects, WIAF seeks to encourage, advance and support the participation of women who aspire to join or are working in the architectural profession in Zambia. 
In this year’s celebration, we recognize 9 female senior architects who have contributed to the profession of Architecture in Zambia. 
These are:
1. Ar. Irene Ndilila            
2. Ar. Lorenz Charlotte                
3. Ar. Gordana Savic                
4. Ar. Kasonde A.M Katengo
5. Ar. Eleni Coromvli Mukuka
6. Ar. Mutinta Sichali                  
7. Ar. Mwangala Mwenda Lethbridge
8. Ar. Wankumbu Sikombe
9. Ar. Mphangela Tembo Nkonge

As various female architects continue to lead in different capacities amidst COVID-19; in the Public sector, Private sector and Academia, it is without doubt that we can improve visibility of female architects in Zambia and strengthen networks amongst women in the profession. This is achievable through strategic partnerships both locally and internationally.
In this regard, all women in the profession are encouraged to contribute and lead in various ways to:
1. Improve visibility of women working in the architectural profession
2. Outline challenges within the profession that women encounter
3. Create support structures for women to support each other in the profession.
4. Sustainable partnerships with WIAF

I wish you success in this year’s 2021 commemoration.

Ar. Luse Katanekwa WIAF Chairperson