Dear Members,
We wish to inform you that the ZIA President Architect Fidelis Kabwiri in the company of the Vice
President Architect Mineson Simfukwe and Mr. Arthur Muvwanga from the Inspectorate held a meeting
yesterday with the Zambia Police Command which was led by the Deputy Inspector General of Police –
Operations Mr. Milner Muyambango.
The outcome of the meeting was that ZIA and Zambia Police would soon sign a Memorandum of
Understanding for the Investigation and prosecution of criminal offences under the Zambia Institute of
Architects Act No. 36 of 1995.
With this development, we wish to encourage you to continue being vigilant and report all suspected
projects that do not have registered architects to the ZIA Inspectorate.
Additionally, we would like to appeal to all registered architects not to endorse or sign on drawings that
they have not generated, otherwise efforts being made to police the ZIA Act will be in vain.