The Zambia Institute of Architect (ZIA) was invited to the official launch of the Automation of the Construction Permitting System by the Lusaka City Council (LCC) on Friday 4th January 2019.

The launch was graced by Honorable Vincent Mwale, the Minister of Local Government and ZIA was represented by Architects Kelly Kalumba (President), Griven Sikalumbi (VP), Dennis H. Nyekele, Imasiku Kamayoyo and Vunda Kachele (Council Members).

According to the brochure distributed by LCC at the ceremony, the Automation of Construction Permit is the shift from handling and processing applications for development manually to the use of online interaction and computerised system.

The processes to be computerised includes-

  • Application to develop land
  • Application to subdivide or consolidate land
  • Application for Change of Land Use
  • Scheduling of Stage Inspections
  • Obtaining Occupation Certificates

The system is a two way interface between the applicants and the various Council Officers responsible for working on the applications. The applicant will be able to submit and track online the progress of the application up to the approval stage.

Applicants are expected to create an online account through which enquiries, submissions, payments and tracking of the application will be made.

According to the brochure some of the benefits of the Automation system are-

  • Reduction in the period processing application from 90 days to 30 days for subdivision and change of use and from 90 days to 28 days for permission to develop land
  • Ability to track progress of the application by the applicant
  • Reduced demand for storage space for hard copy drawings by LCC
  • Increased efficiency in service delivery by LCC

To obtain more information about the system visit the Lusaka City Council website at and possibly register as a user.